Power assistance


Aluminum alloy frame


Large-capacity battery

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RT100 makes adventure no longer out of reach

An eBIKE based on a road bike foundation
Fear no difficult terrain
Color Black
Recommend Frame Size 43" 145-155 cm
47" 155-165 cm
50" 165-175 cm
Weight 16 kg (35.27 lb)
Frame Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
Front Fork Carbon Fiber
Types eRoad bike with drop handlebars
Shifter SHIMANO 105 11-Speed
Electric Mode 5 Levels Electric Assistance System
Motor Mid-drive motor
DIPU M065MD 36V / 200W 42T 60Nm
Battery 36V / 13.4 Ah / 480Wh
Endurance 100 km (62.14 mi)


Lighter, stronger, and more versatile

Riding it is easy, but it marks the start of your busy life.
You'll find yourself enjoying going out more and conquering sections of road that once seemed insurmountable.
Experience the effortless pedaling of an eBIKE and feel the thrill of a road bike cruising through the wind.
Roam through elevations and explore alongside adventure. The road bike is no longer just for professionals.
 Let the RT100 lead you on a new adventure!

RT100 Lightweight All-Purpose Electric Road Bike

  • Carbon fiber fork
  • lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • total weight including battery is 16kg

No need to worry about steep hills
the electronic control system gives you the most powerful assistance.

  • Electronic Dashboard, Important Riding Information

    Display remaining battery power and speed and keep you informed of your riding status.
  • Five-speed Electric Assistance, Adjustable Assistance Output

    Provide perfect assistance on flat roads or hills.
  • Large Capacity 480Wh Battery

    Integrated and embedded battery seat, high-end endurance for easy riding.
  • DIPU Central Control Motor

    Quiet and powerful motor system eliminates worries about steep 10% inclines.

RT100 Transmission System

SHIMANO 105 R7000 high-end kit
  • 11-speed shifting lever

  • 50 T big ring

  • 11-speed rear derailleur

  • 11-speed rear derailleur

  • ◎ Product measurements are based on actual specifications

RT100 Disc Brake System

  • Mechanical disc brake

  • Disc diameter 160mm

  • ◎ Product measurements are based on actual specifications

RT100 Wheelset/Tire

Dimension specifications
  • Wheel rim height 17mm

  • DURO 700x25C

  • ◎ Product measurements are based on actual specifications
RT100 Embark on a New Adventure, Road Test

(1) Flat Road +

Load capacity : 70 kg (154 lb)
Mileage : 144 km (89.47mi)
Total climb : 470 m (0.29 mi)
Remaining battery power : 45% / using one battery

(2)Hill Climbing +

Load capacity : 70 kg (154 lb)
Mileage : 84 km (52.19 mi)
Total climb : 1200 m (0.74 mi)
Remaining battery power : 45% / using one battery

Basic information Size (Seat tube length in cm) Large: 50cm, Small: 47cm
Type Electric Assist Bicycle (Speed Limit 25km/h)
Weight 16kg (including battery)
Frame Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame
Battery holder Integrated Built-in Battery Compartment
Front fork Carbon Fiber Fork
Steer: 28.6mm, Integrated OD: 46mm/56mm
Handlebar (for 50cm frame) Svmono 420mm Wx25.4mm. Drop :124mm (For 50 cm frame)
Handlebar (for 47cm frame) Svmono 400mm Wx25.4mm. Drop :124mm (For 47 cm frame)
Transmission system Brake lever Shimano 105 R7000, 11-speed
Front derailleur Shimano 105 R7000
Rear derailleur Shimano 105 R7000
Flywheel Shimano 105 R7000, 11-32, 11 speed
Crankset 50T
Brake system Tektro MD-U510
Disc brake Tektro TR160-22
Wheelset Rims J17A
Tires DURO 700*25C, 120TPI
Electronic control information Instrument panel Speed/Speed Levels/Distance/Battery Level Display: Single Trip Distance
Total Distance/Sub-Trip Average Speed/Single Trip Maximum Speed
Gears Adjustable Five-Level Electric Assistance Output System
Motor DIPU M065MD 36V 200W 42T 60 Nm
Mid-Drive Motor
Battery 36V / 13.4 Ah / 480Wh
Charger 36V / 2A
Charging time 0%-100% 7-8 hour
Full charge riding distance 100km
Special features   Power-saving automatic shutdown function in walking assistance mode

Note 1: The travel distance is a reference value. The above data is based on testing with an 80kg rider on flat terrain at the maximum speed setting.
*Actual travel distance may vary depending on rider weight, road conditions, and environmental factors.
Note 2: The company reserves the right to modify the warranty for the product information in this manual and on the website without further notice. This includes equipment, specifications, weight, color, and materials, among other things. Please refer to the actual product for details.


  • 維修服務

  • 保固服務


(1) DOSUN產品維修流程 +

1. 寄送維修產品至原購買處
2. 判斷保固 
3. 報價費用
4. 等待報價同意
5. 進行維修
6. 寄回

(2) 寄送維修須知 +

1. 購買證明:

2. 簡短產品狀況說明:
車燈寄送地址:33341桃園市龜山區山鶯路中華巷2號 (DOSUN光電業務部 張小姐收)
服務專線:週一至週五 9:00AM-5:00PM
服務專線:03-3596066 分機117

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