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LR80 Light-Sensitive Smart Bicycle Taillight

The LR80 Owl Smart Taillight features dual sensors, automatically boosting the brightness at sudden brakes to alert the vehicles behind. When it detects the light behind, the LR80 smart taillight initiates a powerful strobe to warn the vehicles behind. Its wide-angle illumination covers over 220 degrees, ensuring the rider's safety from the rear.

The Guardian Angel of Bicycles from the Night

Designed with the noble spirit of the 'Owl,' the guardian of the night, the LR80 taillight has garnered widespread acclaim for its striking and distinct appearance. It integrates multiple sensors, allowing the taillight to sense various road conditions and adjust its lighting modes, just like an owl navigating through the darkness. It has become the most formidable guardian of the night, ensuring unobstructed journeys in the darkness.


  • Four Intelligent Lighting Modes

    Featuring four modes: Pulse, Flashing, Normal, and High Beam, providing cyclists the capability to adjust according to their riding conditions.
  • Awarded both domestically and internationally

    Recipient of the Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan, Innovation Design Award at the Taipei International Cycle Show, as well as the prestigious Red Dot Design Award from Germany, among various other accolades.

Deceleration activates brake exposure

When the LR80's motion sensor detects the rider decelerating, the brightness instantly doubles from 20 lumens. This change in brightness serves as a signal to alert pedestrians and vehicles behind.

Automated sensing of rearward traffic

During nighttime rides, the LR80's light-sensitive controller detects approaching vehicles from the rear with headlights. It automatically activates the high-frequency flashing mode, effectively grabbing the drivers' attention behind, ensuring the rider's safety.
Model LR80
Lumen 20 lm
Power Source 550 mAh
Charging Time 1.5 hrs by USB
Function Mode High / Low / Pulse / Flash
Run Time High: 1.5 hrs / Low: 6 hrs
Pulse: 4 hrs / Flash: 24 hrs
Weight 35 g
Dimension 71 x 42 x 30 mm
Mounting Quick release  /  Seat buckle ( φ20-55mm )
Special features G sensor & Light sensor
Waterproof IPX4

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