Extended battery life

Universal expansion

Meets various scenarios


Replaceable battery

第一區塊形象圖 第一區塊形象圖


Life is full of changes,
Adventure is about going wherever you want.

Color  Yellow| Green
Weight 26kg/57.32 lb (including battery and motor)
Front Light DOSUN GE1200
Rear Light DOSUN RX CARRIER (with turn signal function)
Gearshift SHIMANO Alivio 9-speed
Assistance Level Adjustable five-speed electric assist output system
Motor BAFANG M400
Battery Mid-drive motor
SAMSUNG 36V/17.5Ah/630Wh
Endurance 135km/83.88 mi

CG135 - One Bike for Shopping, Leisure, and Adventure!

135km/83.88 mi long-lasting power assistance allows you to ride further and more effortlessly,
Together, we can accomplish those adventurous dreams.
Outdoor riding
Daily shopping / Camping and fishing
Life Transportation
Adventure travel
Freely switch in different fields



CG135 - Three Features to Chase Your Dreams
Perfectly adaptable to various lifestyles, becoming your life partner.

  • 135km power assistance, easier uphill

    Built-in power assistance can provide output power when pedaling, allowing you to ride further and with less effort without worrying about insufficient power.
  • Replaceable battery for longer rides

    Leading the industry! Large-capacity 630Wh replaceable battery is easy to dismantle if there is no power, and you can continue to ride.
  •  Maximum speed of 25km/h 

    With power assistance, the speed of25km/h (15.53mph) gives you a sense of speed and ensures safety.
Comparison with Other Models in the Same Category
  DOSUN G Brand T Brand
Frame Type Short tail,
suitable for urban mobility
Longtail Longtail
Wheel Size 24", 20" easy to move 24", 24" 20", 20"
Bike Length 180cm (70.86inch) 190cm (74.8inch) 180cm (70.86inch)
Battery Capacity 630Wh 500Wh 400Wh
Battery Method Hidden Hidden External
Additional Battery Installation Available Available Available
Motor Specification BAFANG M400
mid-drive motor
Yamaha Sync Drive
mid-drive motor 80Nm 250W
Bosch Cargo Line Mother 85Nm
Gear Level Shimano Altus 9-speed mechanical gear Shimano Nexus RevoShift internal gear system Shimano Deore 1x10-speed
Bike Weight 26 kg/57.32lb, lightweight and easy to ride 36 kg (79.36lb) 33.58 kg (74.03lb)
Bike Lock Included Need to purchase separately Included

SevenFeatures to Satisfy Your Exploration Expectations

Customizable equipment carrying to meet the needs oflong-term travel.

  • The front rack can bear up to 15kg / 33.07lb

  • The rear rack can bear up to 25 kg / 55.11lb

  • You can equip the CG135 with a trailer for extended carrying capacity.

Perfect partner for small businesses with agile size for easy maneuverability

Highly expandable with the ability to connect different accessories (optional) for unlimited creativity. Customers must purchase additional accessories separately.

Multi-functionalLED dashboard with mobile phone charging support

Equipped with an easy towing mode and five-level power assist for flexible control

The connected app allows you view real-time motor battery data and become a reliable information center.

Low-step design suitable for people of all ages and genders

The CG135 makes getting on the bike hassle-free and enhances the riding experience.

Mid-drive motor for smoother output

The mid-drive motor design enhances the control details and reduces power transmission consumption for optimal battery life.

Low center of gravity for easier cornering

The low center of gravity design allows for better cornering and easier handling.

 Large and small wheel diameter configuration for a powerful driving experience

The smaller rear wheel design stabilizes the rear load and enhances power output, providing a deeply felt riding experience.

CG135Fashionable Color to Embellish Your Wonderful Life

Sunshine Yellow / Morandi Green

CG135Challenge New Life with Road Testing

(1) Flat road test +

Accumulated distanceand remaining battery life


(2) Mountain road tes +

Cumulative climbingslope and total power consumption.


Product Specifications (EN)
Basic Information Size 17"  160-175 cm
19"  175-190 cm
Weight 26 kg including battery
Frame Aluminum alloy frame
Battery Holder Integrated internal battery mount
Front Fork Aluminum alloy frame
Transmission System Shifter Shimano Altus 9-speed
Rear Derailleur Shimano Altus 9-speed
Flywheel Shimano Altus 9-speed
Crankset 46T
Brake System RIDEREVER Attack-U Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Wheelset Rims Front Wheel: 24"x14"x36H
Rear Wheel: 20"x14"x36H
Tires Front Tire: 24"x3.0, 76-57
Rear Tire: 20"x3.0, 76-406
Electronic Control Information Speeds 5-speed
Motor BAFANG M400
Battery 36V 17.5Ah,Samsung INR18650
Charger Output: 42V/2A
Charging Time 0%-100% 8-9 hours
Full Charge Riding Distance 135km
Special Features   Power-saving automatic shutdown function in walking-assist mode.
Note 1: For reference only, please refer to the actual specifications and equipment of the product sold in Taiwan. The company reserves the right to change or discontinue specifications and equipment.
Note 2: The company reserves the right to modify the warranty of this manual and the product information on the website without further notice (including equipment, specifications, weight, color, and materials, etc.). Please refer to the actual product.

CG135 Expansion Accessories.

  • Aluminum alloy front rack

    including rack bag
    Effortless shopping and commuting

    Size : L40 x H25 x W11
    Weight capacity : 15 kg
  • Aluminum alloy rear rack

    including dual-use bag and footrest
    It can be unfolded and transformed into a saddlebag, upgrading the storage space.

    Size : L39 x H38 x W16
    Weight capacity : 25 kg
  • Aluminum alloy rear basket

    It allows for easy and safe loading and unloading of goods, providing excellent practicality.
    Size :L60 x H45 x W15
    Weight capacity : 25kg


  • Aluminum alloy front rack

    Compatible with various major brands in the market that support the MIK system.
    Size : L31 x H5 x W15.5
    Weight capacity : 0.9 kg
  • Bicycle Double Kickstand

    Different from a single kickstand, it provides stable support and is suitable for various applications.
    Size : L30 x H24 x W13

    Weight capacity : 0.7 kg

  • Multi-functional Battery Pack

    DOSUN offers a spare battery for electric bicycles, providing riders with more choices for long-distance travel.
    Size : L42 x H12 x W13
    Weight capacity : 2.5 kg



Life is full of changes, Adventure is about going wherever you want!


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