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第一區塊形象圖 第一區塊形象圖
"Home-based initiative" introduces a brand-new children's bike line
Taiwan's worldwide debut! Providing adventurous families with a fresh alternative.
color Black /  Blue
size 120 x 55 x 70 (cm)
weight 13 kg
frame  16" x L:235.8 mm Steel Frame
tires  KENDA K905 16" x 2.125"
gears  3-speed Gears 8-12-16 (km/h)
motor  Ecopro Tools 1125 - ME00106 Motor Assembly
Ecopro Tools 1228 - MB41001 Lithium Battery
20V 4.0Ah (單扣)
headlight STAR UNION QD329 12V headlight
Adjustable High/Low Beam with Daytime Running Light
charger 18V 3A
charging time About 60 minutes.
battery life About 50 minutes.

BULLDOGGY Children's eBalance Bike
Power Assistance x Easy Learning x Explore the World

Have you ever considered that by letting your child play games, they can not only have fun but also develop coordination and confidence?


Empowering Children with Three Learning Advantages

  • Foster Hand-Eye Coordination

    Enhance children's ability to manipulate objects and visually observe, allowing them to control steering and brakes while reacting to the environment ahead. This series of actions helps improve their motor coordination.
  • Enhance Balance Skills

    Teach children to control their body's center of gravity. Through play-based learning, kids practice understanding body control and muscle usage, leading to improved balance abilities.
  • Foster Confidence

    With accumulated experience, children can gradually enhance their riding skills, successfully maintaining balance and mastering operational techniques. This allows your child to build confidence and a positive attitude.

Upgrade options designed for children who have already mastered scootering.


It offers a higher level of riding experience, not only maintaining the physical learning of children but also providing motor power.
✦✦ It brings more enjoyable experiences, turning them into true adventurers. ✦✦

Designed for children aged 6 and above
the Bulldoggy ebalance bike combines educational and entertaining elements.


"Learn While Playing" - Cultivating Active Habits in Children
"Bold and Trendy Choice" - Becoming the Most Eye-Catching Kid in Seconds
"A Must-Have for Parents" - Letting Kids Release Energy and Sleep Instantly When They Get Home
"Thoughtful Gesture" - Undoubtedly an Heart-Pounding, Ultra-Cool Gift


10 great features for children to enjoy safe, speedy, and stylish rides.

Through mutual assistance exercises between parents and children, children can experience more support, increase opportunities to challenge themselves, and enhance communication and companionship with their parents. Together, they can enjoy happy moments.

3 speed function
(8-12-16 kilometers)

Adjustable 3 speed (8, 12, 16 km/h) function caters to different riding levels. Beginners can start at a low speed, gradually mastering balance and control. As proficiency grows, children can challenge higher speeds. With parental supervision, they enjoy a fantastic riding experience.

Adjustable seat post designed for growth adaptation.

Adjustable according to the child's height, simply adjust the seat post to a height where the child can touch the ground to ride. This extends the riding duration, ensuring optimal comfort and safety. The ergonomic pedals conform to the body's natural posture, enhancing safety by maintaining correct body and foot positioning.

Daytime Running and Headlight Design for Safe Nighttime Illumination

BULLDOGGY is equipped with a daytime running light and headlight lighting system, ensuring excellent visibility to clearly see the road ahead. It also enhances visibility to other vehicles, ensuring a safe ride.

Power-off Braking Mechanism Ensures Riding Safety

When the child presses the brake firmly, the motor immediately stops providing power. This safety power-off design guarantees safety during the riding process, allowing your child to explore the world with greater confidence.

Efficient 50-Minute Quick-Release Battery Design

With a high-performance 50-minute battery life, your child can enjoy extended playtime without limits. (Precise time may vary based on riding conditions and environment). Featuring a detachable, tool-style battery interface, all family members can easily install and remove the battery.

High-Grade Baking Paint for Durable Quality and Outstanding Design

Treated with special liquid paint baking process, enhancing the durability of the body. Constructed with high-strength steel for excellent and long-lasting quality, ensuring the paint does not easily fade.

Off-Road Traction Tires for Exploring Diverse Terrains

The chocolate tread design provides traction comparable to adult bicycles, allowing children to maintain stable rides on flat and solid surfaces like parks and practice grounds. The dual-shoulder fork design enhances the bike's load-bearing capacity, ensuring high-strength stability.

No need to worry about safety concerns

The BULLDOGGY Children's Electric Balance Bike falls under the category of 'Electric Riding Toys' as defined by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Every vehicle shipped comes with BSMI certification.

This is the most sincere gift

The playful design of BULLDOGGY's outer box is like a beautifully wrapped present. Each hand-drawn illustration represents a scenario of a child riding. The side-opening adds an extra element of surprise when gifting it to a child.


Texture and Color Combinations Unlock Infinite Fun



High-quality components for an elevated riding experience.


eBalance Bike BULLDOGGY
The frame, front fork, motor, and battery are all MIT!




Make Beautiful Memories with Your Child Through a New Experience.

Product Specifications
Basic Information Color Black / Blue
Size 120 x 55 x 70 (cm)
Weight 13 kg
Frame  16" x L:235.8 mm Steel Frame
Headlight STAR UNION QD329 12V Headlight
Adjustable High/Low Beam with Daytime Running Light

Riding Information


Age Ages 6 and above
Height Range Height: 110~140 cm
Weight Limit 50 kg
Wheelset Wheel Size KENDA K905 16" x 2.125"
Electronic Control Information Gears 3 Speeds 8-12-16(km/h)
Motor  Ecopro Tools 1125 - ME00106
Motor Assembly
Battery Ecopro Tools 1228 - MB41001 Lithium Battery
20V 4.0Ah
Charger Output: 18V 3A
Charging Time (0%-100%) About 60 minutes
Riding Distance on Full Charge About 50 minutes
Special Features   Power-saving automatic shutdown feature
Safety power-off design
Note 1: For reference only, specifications and equipment are subject to change for actual sales in Taiwan. Our company reserves the right to modify or discontinue specifications and equipment.
Note 2: Our company reserves the right to modify the product information provided in this manual and on the website without further notice, including equipment, specifications, weight, color, and materials, etc. Please refer to the actual product for details.

(1) How to Assemble? +

BULLDOGGY comes almost assembled when purchased. Simply tighten the handlebar upon unboxing to start using.

[Hexagonal wrench is included with the purchase; please refer to the user manual for further instructions.]

(2) Recommended Height and Weight for Child Riding? +

BULLDOGGY recommends usage for children aged 6 and above, with a suggested height range of 110-140 cm. The weight limit is 50 kg.

Children should have adult supervision and guidance before use, along with the use of protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

(3) How to Operate? +

You can refer to the following links for more information on product usage and precautions:
Pre-ride Check:https://reurl.cc/Ojq92r
Function Settings Tutorial:https://reurl.cc/Ojqd7g

(4) How is the Safety of this Balance Bike? +

BULLDOGGY features a power-off brake design; holding the brake stops power output. Each produced vehicle is certified by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI), ensuring absolute safety.
Additionally, children should wear appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

(5) How Long does it Take to Charge? How Long can it be Used on a Full Charge? +

Charging time depends on the remaining battery level, usually taking only 60 minutes from 0% to 100%. Specific usage time may vary based on riding conditions.

Speed Level ① (08 km/h): Approximately 50 minutes
Speed Level ② (12 km/h): Approximately 40 minutes
Speed Level ③ (16 km/h): Approximately 30 minutes

(6) Where Can BULLDOGGY be Ridden? +

This product is not allowed for use on public roads. Please ride on a flat, hard surface within a safe area.

(6) Can BULLDOGGY be Exposed to Water?  +

BULLDOGGY is designed for riding under dry and safe conditions. Avoid use in harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow, as powerful water pressure and flushing may cause component failure.

[For maintenance, use a damp cloth or dry cloth for wiping.]

(7) About Maintenance and Warranty? +

➤ 2-year warranty on frame/fork

➤ 1-year warranty on handlebars, brakes, front light, handlebars, saddle, seatpost, wheels, pedals, shell, motor, battery, charger, controller

➤ 30-day warranty on drum brakes, brake pads, tires, chains, brake lines

➤ For repairs, please visit DOSUN's original factory. You can also inquire through the official customer service LINE@ (https://lin.ee/5XQhSGY).

(8) Repair Service Points +

DOSUN's original factory and 33 maintenance points throughout Taiwan. [For details, please refer to FAQs.]

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